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Clothes-optional resorts.

On arrival guests, most of whom are
couples, discover a carefully prepared room
featuring chilled champagne and a double
Jacuzzi filled with hot water and topped
with rose petals. Hidden Beach’s general
manager of nine years, Paula Negrete, said
that as of autumn 2010, “All the rooms are
brand new with new king size beds and
new comforts like plasma televisions.”
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The tempo of Hidden Beach unfolds
in a soft, simple, and relaxed motion. The
focus of delight each day is a late-morning, spirited water volleyball game. That’s
about all the delight guests seek as they
escape the pressure of their daily lives and

Appreciate being absolutely looked after by the staff.

The site is also visually beautiful, with
ocean waves breaking, shadows of palms
on the deck, along with the blossoms and
plants accenting the manicured grounds.
For many guests, this is the definition of

The 42 units are located on two wings
that framework the central pool bar and dining
Place, a design that brings folks together
and encourages long lasting friendships.
Folks talk to each other here, in the two
Oversize hot tubs, in addition to around the
pool and pub. Throughout the day, the

incrediby well-trained staff engages guests
in delightfully friendly ways, including supplying your favourite drink the moment you
arrive at your strand chair, or greeting you
by name after just one meeting.

Negrete clarified the importance
Hidden Beach areas on its customer service. “The staff is the same year by .
We’ve got workers who have been working for Hidden Beach for ten years before
the resort reopened in 2010. That also
makes the atmosphere of the resort. The
staff know the guests by name, as well as
their individual needs. What we do is have
a file of all the guests by their last names
with a record of their requests. If you’re a
Awesome guest, we open a file for you from the
first day you arrive until the last day.”

She continued. “For example, we
Understand that one guest loves champagne, so

because of that we
gave her a very nice bottle last
night. Another loves drinking Baileys
Irish Cream. That’s something that we
can increase our merchandise. When the guest
has a special needs request, of course we
try our best to exceed their anticipation”.
With the remodel in 2010, the waterfront palapas have been stretched down
the plage to provide quiet and private
space for those wishing it. The hammock
Region is another fresh addition offering quiet
and a degree of isolation under a canopy of
trees. The 2010 addition of the huge
Moonlight Palapa, with its pub, dancing
floor, and a super-sized hot tub allows
guests to dance or soak the night away.
Swimming at Hidden Beach is more
a case of wading in either the pool or the
ocean, with guests enjoying a walk in the
Man-made river winding outside the rooms,
or seeing what the ocean offers on the
shallow, safe strand area.
While there is no need to ever leave
the resort or put on , most
guests visit Hidden Beach’s sister textile
resort, El Dorado Seaside. Found next
door, Seaside offers six restaurant alternatives
from the formal and gourmet to casual
Outside dining, all which are contained
in the Hidden Beach all inclusive package. Yucatan day tours of all kinds can be
booked at the Beachfront tour desk, but for
most, Hidden Beach is the only destination desired.
And guests only keeping coming back.
One guest specifically, who everyone
Understands as “Bob,” has been to Concealed
Plage a resort-record 28 times. Many
other guests report that they’re regular
visitors and see no reason to go anywhere
else. When asked why they keep coming back, they all have precisely the same reply,
pointing to Hidden Beach’s little size, the
friendly staff who know them by name,
and the exceptional food.
Negrete is proud of what Concealed
Strand provides. “The atmosphere in this
part of the Caribbean is lovely and
peaceful. The feeling that we offer
here is like a club. Everybody fulfills each
other and during the week they relax and

worth the pric
tion spot well

Spring 2009 | 11

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make friends. When they come back here,
they feel like they are home and are part of
our family.”

With prices ranging between $250 to
$300 per person per night (depending on
booking times and available discounts), by
nudist resort standards Hidden Beach is
Pricey. However, given the all-inclusive
food and beverages, the choice of seven
restaurants between Hidden Beach and
El Dorado Seaside, and impeccable joyful
service, it’s worth it, and something that
naturists should try to treat themselves to
at least once. But be warned, if you come
once, you will be back!
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