Nudity And What About the Children?

When we talk about nudism/ nudity and children, it’s common to hear, What about the children? I used to wonder what parents think will happen with their young child if they saw a naked guy or girl putting on the strand in the sun.
Do they think their heads will endure psychological damage? I never understood what actual reasons were behind these parents’ concerns.
Nudity And Children
The issue seems to come up regularly, and I found it in the video I previously posted about the woman who got in trouble for going unclothed around her dwelling. (Watch it under.)
This man is so worried about his kids seeing the naked lady next door. It sounds silly she should be such a hazard, but it’s not hard to believe many other parents would respond exactly the same way.
Nudity And Kids
Additionally , I came across an identical anxiety in an article about a potential topless beach being sanctioned in Asbury Park. First, one disclosing remark against it’s, “Some things need to be saved for private moments with their significant other in the bedroom..”
For another man who is a dad, he admitted he personally has no difficulty with topless beaches. But watching his two young daughters he immediately added I do not need them to be exposed to that.’ It’s not even full-frontal nudity he’s worried about, but merely exposure to women’s breasts.
I don’t believe these guys are picturing the peaceful, de sexualized environment of a naturist beach. Perhaps they may be picturing a scene from one of the ill-famed Girls Gone Wild videos with young women baring themselves and ready to make out. There’s definitely an over-sexualization of female breasts in the U.S. We learn from your media that are sexual and prohibited, and it is against what the law states to expose them practically everywhere outside the bedroom.
I’m going to conclude that once again the question stems back to the fixed link between nudity and sex. And we are living in an age where individuals are very paranoid about pedophiles and child pornography.
In America it can be tough for anyone to shoot innocent photographs of a nude child without being charged as a sexual criminal.
Given this common nudity = sex viewpoint, it becomes significantly easier to understand parents’ warning when it comes to nudity and their kids. It is obvious that we still need to alter those preconceived notions of what a naturist setting is actually like, and promote the amazing, natural, non sexual aspects of naturism. Many naturist areas are made to be family-friendly, and the reality is that young kids are really natural naturists who love to run around naked if given the chance.
So what about the children? I consider a kid who’s introduced to or raised in a family naturist setting can have an extremely free-spirited childhood and a greater chance of having more self confidence and much greater body-approval than your average American!
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